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Breezeway Concrete Coatings for Memphis

Our floor coating company is proud to be Memphis’s top choice for breezeway floor coating! Your breezeway is what people first see when they enter your home or business, and concrete floor coating ensures a great first impression. Leave your outdoor flooring project to our factory-trained experts for a beautiful result in just one day. Contact Memphis Coatings Company today for a quote!

Memphis Breezeway Floor Coatings

Your breezeway experiences a lot of wear and tear on a day-to-day basis. As the main hall connecting your home to the garage and the outside world, it’s important for the flooring to look good and stand strong against weather and heavy foot traffic. At Memphis Coatings Company, we install quality breezeway floor coatings for homes of all shapes and sizes.

As a locally owned company, we take pride in keeping our communities in top shape. Whether you’re looking at our budget-conscious epoxy finishes or our premium polyurea flooring, our Memphis team will be there to make your breezeway coatings project a breeze.

Polyurea and Epoxy Floor Options for Your Breezeway

Where traditional flooring can’t go, concrete floor coatings can! At Memphis Coatings Company, we’re dedicated to keeping your property in peak condition with our custom-designed, USA-made flooring options. No matter your style and performance needs, our local team will be there to walk you through your project.

Our Memphis concrete coating services boast unmatched benefits including:

  • Custom Finishes: It’s true that we offer both epoxy floor and chip finishes for residential products, but we also use polyurea floor coatings for those who want superior quality! Polyurea is 4x stronger than epoxy painting products and more flexible, too. This allows for natural concrete movement without any cracks or damages.
  • One-Day Installs: Our factory-trained and certified installers know how to get the job done quickly without ever sacrificing quality. The last thing you need is a bunch of contractors taking up space in your home. With our flooring pros, you can expect your floors to be ready in as little as one day!
  • Lasting Durability: Our award-winning concrete paint products boast the quality of the Memphis Coatings brand and are designed to withstand staining, fading, impacts, and more. Between our premium products, professional installations, and state-of-the-art equipment, you can expect superior breezeway floor coatings that look great and last a lifetime.


What Is Polyurea Coating?

Polyurea is a two-part reactive polymer that forms an extremely durable protective coating on concrete surfaces. When applied by our certified professionals, this product can resist impacts, stains, fading, and more! Polyurea is also flexible, allowing it to move with your concrete instead of cracking and chipping like epoxy products sometimes can.

A polyurea concrete floor coating from Memphis Coatings Company is an excellent investment for any property owner. Not only will it protect your concrete surfaces, but it will also give them a beautiful finish that will last for years to come. Contact our floor coating company today to get started!

What is Epoxy Floor Coating?

Epoxy flooring is a concrete floor coating that is also known as resinous flooring or polymer flooring. It is comprised of resin and hardener, and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including your concrete floor! Epoxy floor coating works by bonding to the concrete and filling in any cracks or imperfections. Once it dries, it creates a smooth, level surface that is much easier to clean and maintain.

Epoxy concrete floor coatings are an excellent option for those who are looking for an affordable way to protect their concrete surfaces. They are also easy to maintain and can be custom-colored to match your style.

What Are the Benefits of Floor Coatings?

There are many benefits to choosing floor coatings for your home, including:

  • Improved Aesthetics: Floor coatings can be custom-colored to match your style and décor. They can also be used to create unique designs and patterns that will make your floors stand out from the rest. We have a wide range of color choices and finishes, and you can browse them here
  • Improved Durability: Floor coatings protect your concrete from stains, fading, impacts, and more. This helps to extend the life of your floors and keeps them looking like new for years to come.
  • Improved Safety: Floor coatings can improve the safety of your home by providing a slip-resistant surface that is less likely to crack or chip. This is especially important in homes with children or pets.
  • Improved Cleanliness: Floor coatings create a smooth, level surface that is much easier to clean and maintain. This helps to keep your home clean and free of dirt, dust, and other debris.
  • Fast Cure Times: Our concrete floor coatings are installed in a single day, which means that you have less interruption to your home, business, or warehouse. Get things back up and running quickly with our two-coat system with fast cure rates. Contact our Memphis floor coating company today to get a quote! 

Learn More About Our Breezeway Floor Coatings in Memphis Today

When you choose Memphis Coatings Company for your breezeway upgrade, you can expect high-quality service from local professionals who care about your unique needs. On top of our products and services, we offer flexible financing options and top-rated warranties, too.

There’s no one better for the job when it comes to quality residential floor coatings in Memphis, so why wait? Get in touch with our team to learn more and schedule a free consultation today. Call or fill out our online form now!

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I am more than pleased with the Transformation of my garage floor. The crew showed up on-time and got straight to it. They were professional and courteous. They did an exceptional job! I would recommend them to anyone. Great Job guys!!!
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Is it possible to be in love with your own garage floor? I am so in love with my garage now! The flooring is beautiful, and feels amazing to my bare feet.
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Trent and crew did a phenomenal job. Very good attention to detail showed up when they said they would. I wouldn’t hesitate to call or email the floor is beautiful. I now have a neighbor garage envy.
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