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Germantown Commercial Floor Coatings

To keep your property in top shape, your flooring should not be ignored. For business owners in Germantown, it’s easy to upgrade to superior commercial floor coatings by Memphis Coatings Company! Rather than settling for epoxy floors, we use high-quality polyurea floor coatings that are built to resist stubborn stains, heavy impacts, harsh chemicals, and everything in between.

If you’re ready to revamp your commercial space with durable concrete floor coatings, get in touch with our experts today. We’ll walk you through your initial consultation to find the best fit for you and ensure an efficient installation, so you’re left with brand-new concrete coatings in as little as one day! We offer:

Showroom Floor Coatings

Showrooms are built to display merchandise to clients, which is why it’s so important for them to always look their best. When you choose Memphis Coatings Company, you get to enjoy the highest-quality polyurea floor coatings rather than standard epoxy painting alternatives.

In comparison to epoxy floor coatings, polyurea is 4x stronger and more flexible, too. This allows for natural concrete movement without cracking or shifting. Additionally, polyurea is eco-friendly and dries much faster than other standard coatings—giving you back your showroom in no time at all.

Concrete Coatings for Salons

While you may be more focused on the décor and seating in your Germantown salon, your floors also play a huge role in the overall aesthetic of your space. At Memphis Coatings Company, our salon floor coatings offer style and flair while also providing superior resistance to dyes, chemicals, and impacts. Our local crew will work with you from start to finish to find the perfect concrete paint for your unique space.

Kennel Floor Coatings

Keeping kennels clean is important for the safety of the animals as well as the peace of mind of the people leaving their pets there. That’s why Memphis Coatings Company offers top-rated concrete coatings specifically made for these challenging spaces. Our premium products are scratch and urine resistant, making for easy cleaning and less damage control throughout your day. Our goal is to help you keep your kennel environments safe and clean, no matter what.

Locker Room Floor Coatings

Germantown locker rooms see a lot of dirt and grime on a day-to-day basis, so it’s important to be able to clean them thoroughly—and without spending hours doing it. Rather than settling for old cement floors that hold on to bacteria and crumble over time, upgrade your space with high-quality concrete floor coatings by Memphis Coatings Company. Our Penntek products are built to look great and last a lifetime.

Factory Floor Coatings

Odds are, the flooring in factories will experience a lot of wear and tear from multiple sources. Whether you’re dealing with chemical spills, dropped tools, heavy machinery, high-speed foot traffic, or anything in between, our top-rated concrete flooring will stand strong against it all. On top of its superior durability, our Germantown factory floors are slip-resistant, ensuring you and your workers are safe throughout the day.

Warehouse Floor Coatings

Just like factories, warehouses will need strong and resilient flooring to withstand any stains or impacts. That’s why Memphis Coatings Company offers premium concrete floor coatings that are built to withstand the toughest stains and heaviest impacts. Between heavy machinery, expensive equipment, and a lot of employees on your floor every day, we make sure that our superior concrete coatings can handle it all.

Restaurant Floor Coatings

The flooring in restaurants needs to be attractive enough for customers to look at and durable enough to stand strong against heavy foot traffic, moving tables and chairs, and inevitable spills. At Memphis Coatings Company, we offer the highest-rated concrete coatings that are made specifically for commercial spaces like restaurants—and we’ll make sure your new floors are done in as little as one day.

University Floor Coatings

There are plenty of spaces throughout universities that can benefit from concrete floor coatings. From entrances to classrooms and labs to cafeterias and everything in between, the experts at Memphis Coatings Company will be there to ensure you get the best look for your unique university floors in Germantown.

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On top of our premium products, we offer flexible financing options and top-rated warranties. Call today to learn more or fill out our online form to schedule a free concrete coating consultation with our factory-trained team.