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Restaurant Floor Coatings for Both the Front and Back of the House

At  Memphis Coatings Company, we understand that your restaurant floors take a beating. Not only do they have to deal with the constant foot traffic of your guests, but they also have to stand up to spills, dropped plates, and other accidents. That’s why we offer polyurea concrete floor coatings that are designed to withstand all of this abuse and more. 

Our ultra-durable floor coating options can take the heat in your Memphis restaurant kitchen and repel spills in your dining room. By choosing our floor coating company, you will be able to ensure the health and safety of your employees while also protecting your investment.

Memphis Restaurant Floor Coating

Are the floors in your restaurant difficult to keep clean? Do they detract from the style of the front of the house? If so, consider commercial floor coatings from Memphis Coatings Company. While we offer epoxy flooring to our residential customers, we know that commercial applications such as restaurants need the extra strength and performance that only polyurea floor coatings provide.

These concrete floor coatings are attractive enough for customer-facing areas and tough enough for the kitchen. You’ll have your choice of many colors, and we can even create colors that match your business branding!

Best of all? Our crew of factory-trained installers will work with you to minimize interference with your restaurant’s operating hours, and the one-day installation and quick cure time make the process even more convenient.

The Benefits of Polyurea Floor Coatings

When considering commercial floor coatings for restaurants, you need to think about more than looks. The concrete paint and epoxy painting kits you find at home improvement stores may look great when they are first applied, but they aren’t durable enough to stand up to the hustle and bustle of a busy restaurant.

Our polyurea floor coatings provide both the look you want and many additional benefits, including:

  • Impressive StrengthPolyurea floor coatings are 4x stronger than epoxy floor options and provide you with 15 years of protection. With this incredible durability, your new concrete floor paint will not peel or crack under the pressure of foot traffic, spills, dropped plates, and other accidents. In addition, our concrete floor coatings are scratch-proof — providing you with beautiful floors for years to come.
  • Heat Resistance: Our concrete floor coatings can take the heat of a commercial kitchen, making them the perfect choice for restaurant applications. From hot oil spills to fryer lines, your restaurant floors will be protected from the everyday wear and tear of a busy kitchen.
  • Impact Resistance: Restaurant floors see a lot of action, and you need commercial floor coatings that can withstand the impact. Polyurea coatings are more flexible than epoxy flooring options, meaning they are less likely to crack or chip. Dropped pans and trays are no problem for our impact-resistant commercial floor coatings.
  • Fast Installation: Our installation process is quick and easy, and we can work around your restaurant’s operating hours to minimize disruptions. We can complete the project in just one day, as our team quickly prepares the surface, primes, and applies the industrial floor coating. The fast curing time means that your restaurant will be back in business in no time!
  • VOC-Free: Our concrete floor coatings are VOC-free, meaning they do not release harmful chemicals into the air. This is important for both the health of your employees and customers as well as the environment.
  • Safe:Our polyurea floor coatings are slip-resistant, making them safe for both your employees and customers. This is important in both the front and back of the house, as slippery floors can lead to accidents. In addition, our concrete floor coatings are easy to clean, providing you with a hygienic surface that meets all health code requirements.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty: Your investment is protected by one of the strongest warranties in the business.

Learn More About Our Restaurant Floor Coatings

Protect and beautify the concrete surfaces in your dining area and commercial kitchen with our top-rated commercial floor coatings. Call Memphis Coatings Company today for more information, or fill out our online form now to schedule a no-cost consultation with a commercial flooring specialist.

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