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Collierville Residential Floor Coatings

Has the flooring in and around your Collierville home seen better days? When it comes to finding the best concrete floor coatings inside and out, look no further than Memphis Coatings Company. Since we first opened our doors, our local team has been dedicated to installing the highest-quality residential floor coatings for homeowners throughout the region—usually in as little as just one day.

No matter where you need work done, we guarantee that we’ll have the right concrete coatings for your unique space! We can clean, prep, and coat nearly any home flooring in Collierville:

Garage Floor Coatings

At some point, new garage floor coatings are a must for every home. Any space that houses a vehicle is susceptible to permanent damage from oil, coolant, extreme weight loads, and more. Our garage floor epoxy and polyurea coatings will fortify your space while making it look brand new!

Although we offer epoxy floor coatings, we often recommend polyurea flooring for residential jobs, especially for demanding areas like the garage. In comparison, polyurea is stronger, more flexible, and eco-friendlier than epoxy. Additionally, it dries very quickly and is more durable, too.

Patio Floor Coatings

Concrete coatings come in a few different forms, and our local team can install them all. If your patio has seen better days, our patio floor coatings will help immensely. Our factory-trained crew will revitalize the entire surface of your Collierville patio, so you’ll be ready to enjoy sunny days and relaxing nights outdoors once more.

Pool Deck Floor Coatings

Pool deck floor coatings work wonders on stained or faded decks that have weathered over many summers. Rather than settling for an outdated space, let our professional staff bring it back to life. Our pool deck coatings are designed to make your yard safer and more stylish. They provide a textured finish that is naturally slip-resistant even when wet, so you can feel confident about using your outdoor space, no matter what.

Rec Room Floor Coatings

If you’ve recently turned an extra room into a game room, our rec room floor coatings will be perfect for you. Our team will work alongside you to ensure you get the right look for your unique space, so you can have sturdy flooring to withstand the movement of high traffic and heavy furniture, not to mention stains from food, drinks, pets, and more.

Entryway Floor Coatings

High-quality entryway floor coatings are crucial, as this space experiences a lot of foot traffic every day. It’s also the first area that friends, guests, and neighbors see! On top of improving curb appeal, our concrete coating services will ensure your space stays safe throughout the year. Choose from custom colors, styles, and finishes for a unique look that is all your own.

Breezeway Floor Coatings

Breezeway floor coatings also need to withstand a lot of demanding wear and tear throughout the year, as they are typically exposed to the harsh natural elements like UV rays, wind, and rain. With our certified flooring experts in Collierville, your breezeway will look as good as new.

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If you’re ready to revamp your Collierville floors, get in touch with the team at Memphis Coatings Company. Our trustworthy crew will be by your side from consultation to installation to ensure you get the value you deserve out of your project. To top it off, we provide flexible financing options and the #1 warranty in the industry! Call today to learn more, or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation.