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Why you should leave commercial floor coatings to the pros

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Finishing your floor is a large undertaking. Whether you have a massive warehouse or a restaurant kitchen, it’s important to pick the right people to do the job. While it can be tempting to try and refinish your flooring on your own, it is most likely best to hire a professional to get the job done well. At Memphis Coatings, we specialize in both residential and commercial flooring. Here are several reasons why we recommend hiring a professional to finish your commercial flooring. For more information about our services, contact us today!

DIY Kits Usually Fail

Purchasing a DIY kit to finish your own flooring might seem like a great idea. However, DIY kits usually fail, resulting in a costly refinish that you end up having to pay a hand and foot for. To avoid the troubles that usually accompany a DIY kit, hire Memphis Coatings to finish your floors today!

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Commercial kitchen floor coating
Mopping concrete floors

Weak Bond To Concrete

The materials that we use in our commercial concrete floor coatings are significantly better at bonding to concrete than most DIY kits. A weak bond to your flooring results in poor looking and performing floors. A weak bond can actually damage your flooring in the long run and cause a need for expensive repairs.

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DIY Kits Are Not Good Quality

While DIY kits usually fail, the materials they use are not very high quality either. To make them affordable and easy to use, the finish utilized is not the highest quality and the tools in the kits are sub-par at best. For the best results, hire a professional for any commercial concrete floor coatings.

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Yellow floor coating application
Dirty, scuffed concrete floors

Not Durable

Even if you do everything correctly on your own, most DIY kits are not as durable as a professional commercial concrete flooring job. Most of them tend to fall apart after a short amount of time, so hiring someone like Memphis Coatings to finish your flooring is actually a better investment as the finish will last significantly longer than a DIY kit.

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