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Why concrete coatings are considered the ultimate pool deck coatings

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Having a pool is a wonderful luxury, especially when it gets hot here in Memphis. However, having a pool can be a lot of work and it is a liability if you have small children or pets. Concrete pool deck coatings are a great way to not only make your pool look more aesthetically pleasing but it also adds great protection to your pool area and those enjoying the oasis. At Memphis Coatings, we can provide you with a pool deck coating that can completely transform your space. These coatings are great for those with an existing pool or those who are preparing to install one. Keep reading to learn more about our ultimate pool deck coatings and contact our team today to schedule an appointment for your pool deck!


Your pool is a beautiful addition to your backyard space, however, your pool deck may take away from the oasis feeling. With pool deck coatings, you can have more control over what your deck looks like. A coating can change the color and the texture of your deck so it can match the rest of your style.


With all of the splashin’ that happens over years of use, your pool deck can become worn out. Worn-out decks will eventually have to be repaired or replaced, but with a concrete pool deck coating, you can add needed durability to your deck! With a pool deck coating from our professionals, you can continue to splash your deck and enjoy it for years to come!

Slip Resistant

No matter how close of an eye you keep on the kiddos around your pool, they can still manage to get themselves hurt. Concrete pool coatings add an extra layer of slip resistance to your pool deck to help keep the kiddos, pets, and guests safe while enjoying your pool.

More Comfortable

When the summer days get hot, your pool deck tends to absorb all the heat. This can be damaging to your deck and it can also be uncomfortable to walk and sit on. With our pool deck coatings, they can keep your pool deck cooler and more comfortable.

There are many benefits when it comes to concrete pool deck coatings. Not only do they protect your deck for longer but they are more convenient for everyone else who utilizes it. Whether you already have a pool or you are considering installing one, take the time to install a concrete coating from Memphis Coatings, one of the best floor coating companies in Memphis! Contact our team and start planning your project today!


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