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What are concrete coatings

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Memphis Coatings Company is a locally owned floor coating company that offers residential and commercial polyurea and epoxy floor coatings. From garage floors and patios to locker rooms, factories, and universities, we’ve got your floor coating needs covered. But what exactly are floor coatings? Continue reading to learn more, and call us for a free quote today!

What Are Concrete Coatings?

Similar to the words, a concrete coating is a substance laid on the top of concrete to offer it protection, durability, and an aesthetic design. It is usually a liquid or semi-liquid covering that should be professionally applied for the best results.

Our Floor Coatings

We offer various types of concrete floor coatings to suit your needs. Some of these include polyurea, epoxy, and chip floor coatings. Each offers a slighting different look and appeal, along with different characteristics, that appeal to different home and business owners in Memphis.

Our Concrete Floor Coating Services

Memphis Coatings Company offers concrete floor coating services for residentialcommercial, and industrial customers. This means that no matter where your concrete floor is located, we can help. We offer indoor and outdoor floor coatings.

Our Floor Coating Warranty

Memphis Coatings Company takes pride in our concrete floor coating installation services. We offer professional floor coatings that will improve the look of your flooring for years to come. Thus, we offer a 15-year warranty against peeling, hot tire marks, and chipping. Call today!


Our floor coating company boasts trained professionals who have years of experience. When you partner with us for your residential, commercial, or industrial floor coating at your Memphis property, you can rest assured you’ll have the flooring of your dreams. Call for a free quote today!

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