Expert tips for post commercial floor coating care

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Memphis Coatings is all about providing the best commercial floor coatings for any business across Minnesota. Efficient and highly durable, our signature products are built to last and look great along the way. However, it’s important to note that prioritizing proper care to ensure these last for a long time is a must. Thankfully, we’ve provided the essential tips in this blog for maintaining your great floor coating for many years to come. Learn more and see our latest floor finishes for yourself!

Not only will developing spot cleaning habits keep your commercial floor coatings in peak condition, but such a discipline will carry over toward other fundamental cleaning habits for everyday living. For example, liquid spills are no problem for your floor coatings so long as you or someone else knows to spot clean them quickly when sighted.

With so many brands advertising the strengths of their cleaners, it’s easy to dismiss and forget about certain attributes to be cautious about. For example, PH levels over seven are prone to causing corrosive damage to floors over a long period. Though our floors can withstand many chemicals, it’s always smart to use a solution close to a PH of seven for effective and safer floor cleaning methods.

The best concrete coating companies use the most resistant and polished materials for any job. Regardless, it’s better to be safe than sorry, and we fully support dedicating a small underlooked portion of flooring to test your spot cleaners on before stain removal. This way, you can observe how safe the solution is, with the worst case being a small fix by a professional.

It might seem like a default routine, but sweeping plays an important part in taking care of your commercial concrete coatings. Applying a standard sweeping procedure helps prevent scratches while reducing wear and tear in your flooring.

We want you to have and keep the best commercial floor coatings for a long time. If you have any questions about applying optimal care for your quality flooring, visit Memphis Coatings online for more information!


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