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Bartlett Commercial Floor Coatings

As a property owner in Bartlett, you understand how important it is to have high-quality concrete floor coatings. On top of enhancing your property’s appearance, commercial floor coatings by Memphis Coatings Company are designed to make your space safer, stronger, and easier to maintain, too!

While we offer budget-friendly epoxy for residential concrete coating jobs, we only offer the highest-quality polyurea floor coatings to all of our Tennessee business owners. That’s because we’ve seen the value and quality of polyurea—and we know that nothing else compares. If you’re ready to upgrade your floors with concrete coatings, get in touch with our team to explore all of our options:

Showroom Floor Coatings

Has your showroom seen better days? Revamp your space with high-quality concrete coatings for showrooms by Memphis Coatings Company. As a space where you display your merchandise and build relationships with customers, it’s important for your showroom to always look its best. With our team, you can completely customize your flooring to match your specific needs.

Salon Floor Coatings

Hair salons are filled with a variety of products and equipment, hair dyes, sinks, and more—any of which can easily spill, leak, and damage your flooring. Rather than worrying about the state of your floors every day, choose durable concrete paint by Memphis Coatings Company. Our flooring is resistant to impacts, water damage, and stubborn stains, so you can go about your day-to-day business without the extra hassle of tough cleaning.

Kennel Floor Coatings

Keeping your kennels clean and healthy ensures the animals stay safe and gives extra peace of mind to the clients who entrust them to your care. Rather than relying on epoxy floor systems, our local crew installs high-quality polyurea that is resistant to urine, water, impacts, scratches, and so much more. With our Bartlett commercial flooring experts, you can enjoy top-rated floors that look great and last a lifetime.

Locker Room Floor Coatings

Locker rooms see a lot of dirt and grime on a daily basis, which is why it’s crucial to be able to clean them thoroughly. Our crew uses high-tech concrete coatings by Penntek to ensure your locker room floors can be back in top shape after a quick and easy clean. Additionally, our durable, non-slip flooring provides reliable footgrip—even when wet.

Factory Floor Coatings

Factories come in all shapes and sizes, and the experts at Memphis Coatings Company can upgrade them all. With us, you can expect top-rated flooring that enhances your factory’s appearance and can withstand impacts from foot traffic and heavy machinery alike. All our Penntek products are made right here in the US and are built to last.

Warehouse Floor Coatings

Much like factories, warehouses have many diverse purposes. From storage to loading to distribution, your warehouse flooring needs to be able to handle a lot of wear and tear. Luckily, we install premium concrete coatings that can stand strong through everything. Instead of relying on epoxy painting alternatives, we use superior polyurea floor coatings that are resistant to high temperatures, stains, impacts, and more.

Restaurant Floor Coatings

Flooring in Bartlett restaurants has to look attractive for your customers and be strong enough to weather any scratches, breaks, and inevitable spills. From consultation to installation, our team will be by your side to make sure every part of your project is simple and stress-free! We’ll get your floors done in a day, so you can get back to serving from the kitchen.

University Floor Coatings

There are plenty of spaces throughout universities that could do with upgraded floorings, and the experts at Memphis Coatings Company are equipped to help you take care of them all. From classrooms and cafeterias to entrances and walkways, we specialize in custom concrete coatings that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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When you choose Bartlett Coatings Company, you get to have peace of mind knowing you’re working with local experts that care about your unique needs. On top of our premium Penntek products, we offer top-rated warranties on all our Memphis concrete coating solutions. Give us a call or fill out our online form to start planning with a free quote today!